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Australian band Sherlock's Daughter released one EP but it is a superb collection which marks them out as one of the most exciting young bands around. That leaves: Gaslight Anthem because sometimes you just need a good rock record; ...
white noise of everyday life -

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fried chicken review

There is no reward without great risk, so quotith Euclid or some other ancient Greek pederast. The same aphorism may be applied to my dining habits. Every time I step inside the bulletproof glass for a late night meal, my heart beat quickens--not only because I am surrounded by what seems to be G-Unit, but also because I will eat a meal so loaded with trans fat that my subsequent steps will be inside the cardiac unit at the nearest medical centre.
The food quality works much like sex appeal at a party. When dining at Crown's Fried, one must adapt the same "Beer Goggles" mentality. Whereas Crown Fried might taste acceptable at noon, it will taste much better at 3 am after drinking from the sweet teat of the PBR Keg.
The menu consists of mostly the aformentioned fried chicken. It is usually greasy and not hot, but again, perfunctory details. Who needs taste when you can breathe in the refreshingly pungent smell of urine cleverly shrouded in 99 cent store cleaning product?



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We decided to get a tumblr as well, possibly to many blogs going on here .......

but you can add songs to this one and well that's just great!!!

songs galore here they come ....and blogging will stay here ... confusing.


x SD

TOP TEN OF 2010!!!!

Here is our Top Ten in Filter .....
wow another year .... Time does seem to move fast.

sorry you have to cut and paste, can't figure out how to make it blue for you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

come watch will be fun!

Our singer Tanya has been asked to take part in the 'Rock Lottery'
Should be a crazy night, so come support and enjoy!!

See you there

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some of our favorite things!

That's all.
Love US

(well that's not 'All' but that's all for now)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Inspiration for the day.

Some days when you're in the studio writing nothing comes out.

It's quite an amazing exercise to write when you don't feel like it .... I"ve sourced some inspiration for myself today that I thought I'd share ....
I might share the little ditty that i'm writing whilst not feeling like i should be writing, if i only knew how.
x see you all soon

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   Upcoming Showsview all )
20 Oct 20107:00 P
23 Oct 20103:30 P
CMJ - The Living Room - Music Snobbery ShowcaseNew York, NY
23 Oct 20106:30 P
CMJ_Pianos-Flower Booking showcaseNew York, New York
24 Oct 20104:00 P
CMJ - Cyber PR Headquarters - acoustic showBrooklyn, NY

20TH OCT - on at 9.15pm
23rd OCT - on at 4pm
23rd OCT - on at 7pm

24th OCT - tbc


loving this band so much right now.

just wanted to share the beautiful music.


x See you at CMJ shows x

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first blog

see ya later buddy? Get it? Bud?

Picture someone putting the last part of the joint (tims favourite section, my least favourite) joint..

Will: see ya later buddy..

Tanya: get it? Bud! Buddy!

Will: hey thats pretty funny, I am pretty clever, maybe i should blog that/?

Lani: well its kind of tanya who is clever...

Will: Yes but i will take credit for it.

Now, here you are benefitting from the witty machinations of Will and Tanya

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Sherlock's Daughter Tour Diary

This is  just a quick video of our tour so far - more coming soon, in the most amazing house in Boston, they have a beautiful old lowry downstairs and a bottle of Jameson.

Perfect after party x

Friday, August 20, 2010

meet FRANK!!!!!

Hi everyone,
sorry this blog has been long in coming, a lot of crazy things have been happening in SD world.

Firstly our album is almost completed, we are doing final mixes over the next month and then it's done, so very excited about this and also quite frankly petrified as well.

NYC has been treating us  like a loving parent,  we are still here and still loving this crazy city, coming home to Australia/NZ at the start of 2011 for gigs and tours and album release party.

We are about to embark on a tour with the lovely lads from The Charlatans!
(The dates are given below)

We also acquired for the tour our newly found friend FRANK!

Apparently Frank has been all through America, and we are very lucky to have found him, he has wooden interior with fairy lights, and carpet on the floor as well as london gray fur seat covers, he's very rad.
we love him already and he's our newest edition to our band .... other news coming soon about new editions.
So with great pleasure meet FRANK!
(more photos coming)


 07 SEPUSAAtlanta, GAThe Loft
 08 SEPUSACarrborro, NCCat's Cradle
 09 SEPUSAWashington, DCBlack Cat
 10 SEPUSABoston, MARoyale
 11 SEPUSAHoboken, NJMaxwell's
 13 SEPUSANew York, NYBowery Ballroom
 14 SEPUSABrooklyn, NYMusic Hall of Williamsburg
 15 SEPUSAPhiladelphia, PAJohnny Brenda's
 16 SEPCanadaMontreal, QCCabaret Musee Juste Pour Rire
 17 SEPCanadaToronto, ONTLee's Palace
 18 SEPUSAChicago, ILDouble Door

Love Sherlock's Daughter x x x 

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey all,

we went for a beautiful outing yesterday to Woodstock, 2 hours out of downtown Manhattan and incredible.
There are a plethora of water holes there : 

After bathing ourselves in water (finally) we came back and soaked ourselves in the amazing fire works of July 4th - then ate some burgers at Dumont Burger!

such a lovely day .... hope you're all well, i'd share photos from woodstock but none of us had a camera - so here : 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm sick in bed - it's Tanya.

I have a sore throat, and I'm bored, I always seem to get those bloody sore throats.
I've been reading on line about neurological disorders, just for fun and i've found a couple that sound so annoying ... here's one :

Obviously not life threatening, but seriously, touching, the wind, brushing your teeth - all that can result in those symptoms ouch.

I've also managed to familiarize myself with  Sleep Paralysis over the last few nights, that's been absolutely terrifying and strangely intriguing at the same time.
Not sure if you know what that is but it's when you wake up before the brain has actually woken up, it's a weird state to be in and feels like a daemon is about to attack and for a while I believe that's what they thought was happening as for the most part you hear voices talking - not just standard conversation but voices on speed, talking at you, and you hear noises and see shadows, all whilst trying to wake yourself up from what can only be described as Endemons lullaby.


And then there's Lucid dreaming, fascinating - does anyone lucid dream quite a lot, i'd be intrigued to hear stories, it's quite amazing, im particularly interested in sleep scientist theories behind Lucid Dreaming : 
( I have no idea if there are sleep scientists, but if there were I'd want to be one)

Anyway that's me for today.
I'm now going to drink ginger tea, nettie pot the heck out of my nose and find something else to freak out about online.

good luck out there!!!
see you at our next gig.

Tanya x 

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Nudity and Squirrels

Thursday, June 10, 2010

debbie harry

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John recording Tim

Life right now 10.33pm New Jersey Babe

New Socks from Lolly

William eating cake.

Cool Breeze - helper dude, summer breeze makes me feel fine....

Liam .....Helloo

Jonti ... helloooooo
Tim hiding his face ... hellooo

Tara ... helloooooo

Lolly, see you can have your cake and eat it too, he bought me the socks.

Tanya...Me ..... 

Because Will doesn't blog - here are some photos of him.

We love Will ..... maybe he will blog now..... 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

watermusic studios - album

Sorry it's been a while since we've updated on our blog.
We have had two weeks off which has been just lovely, however now we are back to finishing our album and find ourselves in New Jersey for the next 10 days doing final takes and then mixing.
Pretty exciting.
Watermusic Studio :

It's  a pretty  amazing studio, Neve desk, but go to their website  - , they also have a Optigan : Jonti sits in a booth all day and just plays it ....

 You can stay here, which is awesome as it means getting home from late nights isn't nearly as much as a hassle when your bed is in the next room!
There is a also a supermarket that stays open till 12am - and a bottle store - so it's perfect.
Attached are a few random photos from the studio - but we are definitely looking forward to the next path of finishing our album.

We have a gig coming up @ Mercury Lounge supporting the beautiful girls from Warpaint - 14th June - so come along - buy tickets before hand though as it will be sold out soon
they are pretty phenomenal!!

So until we see you next time  - here is a little youtube post.

Much Love

Sherlocks Daughter

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Venice - cutest thing ever!!

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fire breathing son

A little excerpt from what we are doing right now, recording outside is amazing....

x T

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smudge TV interview.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Room

Completely unrelated...

But if you're in Sydney make the time to go and see this:

It is an absolutely ridiculous pile of shit, but so worth watching.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shows coming up in NYC!

We're really stoked about the next couple of shows we've been booked for - we've only been here for a week, and they're both at awesome NYC venues supporting really cool bands:

Sat April 3rd @ Brooklyn Bowl
supporting Neon Indian (DJ set) and Twin Shadow

Tuesday April 13th @ Bowery Ballroom
supporting Freelance Whales

If you're in the city please come come come!

In other news, it looks like Tanya and I have landed ourselves jobs at a pet store. Woohoo!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

our little house - bushwick home

Friday, March 26, 2010

sherlock's daughter in New York

Hey all!!!

we have landed safe and sound in the city that never sleeps.
SXSW was amazing.
It felt like the whole time you were being rubbed down by 5 massive dudes with sand paper that dipped you in lemon juice and made you say the alphabet backwards, if you failed they tickled you till you passed out.
Here are a few links for you (we all forgot our cameras.... yep losers) 

The shows were great, however the first show we did was absolutely freezing, the first cold day since we'd been there.

They have this absolutely amazing building that's shaped like an owl - woah.
The second show was inside and was very cool.
We played after Middle East who were fantastic - amazing.
We definitely fell in love with a lot of bands.
here are a few :
There was also another amazing band from Denmark but their name escapes me so when i remember it I'll re-post.
There are two types of food in Austin.
Mexican & BBQ.
I never experienced BBQ as my only addiction is mexican - however that's honestly all you can eat.

So for 6 days all we ate were tacos, nachos, drink margaritas and sipped tequila!
There is some weird youtube footage that was shot of us doing some weird impulsive gig, so if i find that I'll show you that as well!

After those shows we flew to NYC - where we spent at least 2 hours on the tarmack - waiting for a storm to blow over; which it hadn't.
Bumpiest flight I've been on in a while, I swore something was wrong with the plane, I think I embarrassed Tim and ended up getting smashed on Vodka's which the flight attendant was only more than happy for me to drink.
They hated me.
Now we've been in NYC for 3 days and have a wonderful lawyer, a wonderful publicist and are playing some pretty rad shows in April.
Recording our Album in April as well, so looking forward to that.
Hope you are all well where-ever you are!
will post some more things soon - like pretty pictures and a video blog from our newly acquired home in Bushwick.
much love
Tanya and boys
We lost quite a few things on the journey - a box of Cd's, Williams snare, my glock sticks, so if anyone finds them ... give us a bell!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The Official music video for Reprise.
Shot by Tanyas Mac on rocks, tire blown, waiting for popeye type man to come fix it.
Massive spiders and lots of Ants.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I've just been watching Communion.
Has anyone seen it?

For those of you that are unfamiliar it's a story about Whitely Strieber and his encounter with Alien Abduction.

(Larry King has to be the worst interviewer in the world)

It's a true story, based on his truth of course, so that's always subjective.

However, the story is compelling, he doesn't believe himself that he's been abducted and believes that he is having some sort of mental breakdown, or has a certain type of epilepsy, which can cause one to have hallucinations.
He does get tested for this and the results come back negative for the epileptic condition that can cause such grand hallucinations.

His character in the movie is played by my favorite Actor Christopher Walken :

who is absolutely divine, he allows you to indulge into the possibility that this could be true in the most realistic grounded way possible.
We are talking about Alien Abduction after all.
There are of course many accounts of this strange 'phenomenon,' whether based on humans in heightened stress, A.D.D, grand illusions of being 'special', mental illness or mere boredom with every day life there is something intriguing within this and something strangely real about it.

Also if you've ever spoken to someone that has been abducted by Aliens they have a very interesting and strong story - which comes with a conviction that you find hard to ignore - even though every part of your 'earth bound intuition' is yelling at you that they are crazy.

Perhaps Alien Abduction is actually human scientists testing humans in a way that they know they can get away with, after all we love fantasy, we love believing in things that seem larger than us ... God for example - whether this being is true or not - we have created this energy, we truly are incredible beings and our possibilities are endless, as I'm sure are the Aliens....

This blog really has no other point than to share with you my day reading about Alien Abduction.
Do you have any stories?
I think I've seen a UFO.

Alien Abduction, makes for an interesting read on google, watch COMMUNION if you get a chance, if nothing more than to see Christopher Walken at his best - man that man is insane.

I hope to meet him.
Meeting an Alien, I'm not so sure, but then again, sometimes I think I"m in a band with 4 beings from another planet - so maybe they truly are among us.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sydney time lapse 18th January 2010 ...

This is pretty spectacular ....


Hello beauty.

And so it begins.

We found out a couple of months ago that we got accepted into SXSW - this is pretty exciting, for those that don't know SXSW, it's a massive music conference in Texas, where you go and play and watch other bands play,  drink and enjoy the Texan Sky...

So we are looking forward to that, there is actually a Party that they have in Texas I think in May/June...

It's called the 'TEXAS STAR PARTY'

If you ever get the chance you should go.
I plan on going  (this is tanya) at some stage - sounds absolutely amazing.

Also something else i wanted to share with you was  new youtube 'thing' 
I hope I can introduce someone to this as its hilarious and I"m normally always the last person to find things like this ... much like 'Kittens by Kittens'
Is Youtube strange .. are we all strange?


Also : 
visit our Myspace as we have a lot of gigs coming up supporting Jonathan Boulet - whom we love ....

Also : 
If you're going to the BIG DAY OUT on Saturday we are on at 11am ... come find us and lets have fun xxxxxx

Monday, January 11, 2010

Peat's Ridge Festival

Here is a short video extract of us performing one of our newer songs 'The Owl That Stole the Night' at the Peat's Ridge Festival outside Sydney on December 30th. It was one of our absolute favourite shows ever!

Just got home from watching Grizzly Bear at Angel Place Recital Hall as a part of the Sydney Festival. I can't really sleep because I've been crying too much...