Tuesday, November 24, 2009



We are nearing the end of our stay in NYC, and it's been absolutely amazing. We are so looking forward to coming back to live here next year.

At the moment we have currently left the city for a few days and are in a studio upstate with two lovely engineers named Josh Druckman and Peter Mavrogeorgis, both of whom we have developed a strong bond with - a loving affection based on a whiskey here and there as well as settling back and watching things such as Creep Show and Spinal Tap - and of course recording in between.

Liam has made us pasta which was pretty damn yummy and tonight we are making bangers and mash ... weeeeeeeeeee

We've also learned a lot about bleeding salmon and botox...

Here are some photos :

Tanya xx

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interesting things about pandas.


A quick update for everyone... We are still in NYC, and still in one piece which is pretty remarkable. Some wonderful crazy things have been finding their way to our feet - into which we've slipped and begun walking to wherever it is they've decide to take us.

We have a few more shows here before we head up state to do some recording at The Outlier Inn.

Exciting news from home is that we were Triple J's Next Crop pick a few days ago - you can find an interview and more info here.

And also quite exciting is that our EP is now released in NZ through Inertia! Yay go buy it Kiwis! I'm pretty excited about this as I can't wait to show the boys my home town. We have also been doing some NZ radio interviews too. If you so desire you can now request our music on NZ radio.

For the moment here are some pictures of NZ (that I found them on the multi-web):

This one above is where I live/lived... pretty rad.

I don't know who the guy is in this photo, but he looks pretty pleased with himself. I know you can't see his face but if you could, he'd look pretty pleased with himself... just saying.

At the moment we have two days off which will probably involve meeting with people, having lunches and drinking perhaps too much red wine and slippery margaritas, singing loudly to Metallica in bars where no one else seems to even notice you're there...

Oh guess what this is from?

"MultiPass... MultiPass..."

It's the only hint I'm giving you, if you get it we'll ship you a free EP!

xxxxxxx Tanya

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hi all,
Just a wee update...

We've been here for 2 weeks now - it all goes rather quickly.
We're taking a little break from shows for a the moment as our drummer Will has headed back to Australia for his brother's wedding, which is exciting for him... although it also means 24 hours on a plane and then another 24 hours on a plane back here to NYC with the rest of us - so we love him for it.

We have managed to find new nicknames for ourselves on the tour.

Jonti is now called VOMIT... this came from a night of free tequila, a Vice Magazine Halloween party and a taxi.

Tim we have nicknamed TERROR. You should see this guy play Ten Pin Bowling, it's like watching ballet, you don't even hear the ball hit the floor, it's like a whisper. It's effortless, he only stopped bowling strikes after he got way too cocky... that was pretty funny.

Tanya's been nicknamed TREE - after she keeps stopping to hug different trees as we are walking through Manhattan - which is kinda annoying, but it must be hard being a tree in this city as it's mainly concrete...

Liam and Will are usually just AWOL as they are rarely seen before dark.

We have attached some photos, please note Tim's new guitar ... pretty exciting .... hope to update with something even more exciting soon!

Missing you guys
x Sherlock's Daughter

P.S. Everyone should spend Halloween in NYC, it's crazy!!!!