Monday, November 2, 2009


Hi all,
Just a wee update...

We've been here for 2 weeks now - it all goes rather quickly.
We're taking a little break from shows for a the moment as our drummer Will has headed back to Australia for his brother's wedding, which is exciting for him... although it also means 24 hours on a plane and then another 24 hours on a plane back here to NYC with the rest of us - so we love him for it.

We have managed to find new nicknames for ourselves on the tour.

Jonti is now called VOMIT... this came from a night of free tequila, a Vice Magazine Halloween party and a taxi.

Tim we have nicknamed TERROR. You should see this guy play Ten Pin Bowling, it's like watching ballet, you don't even hear the ball hit the floor, it's like a whisper. It's effortless, he only stopped bowling strikes after he got way too cocky... that was pretty funny.

Tanya's been nicknamed TREE - after she keeps stopping to hug different trees as we are walking through Manhattan - which is kinda annoying, but it must be hard being a tree in this city as it's mainly concrete...

Liam and Will are usually just AWOL as they are rarely seen before dark.

We have attached some photos, please note Tim's new guitar ... pretty exciting .... hope to update with something even more exciting soon!

Missing you guys
x Sherlock's Daughter

P.S. Everyone should spend Halloween in NYC, it's crazy!!!!


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