Friday, October 30, 2009


As you may or may not know Sherlock's Daughter has made it through as finalists for the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards! The other finalists for music are Songs and Oh Mercy, both of whom we love...

Also to add to our excitement we've just found out we've been nominated for SMAC!

In light of this we want to say a quick but big Thank You! to anyone who has supported us.
We've had a pretty fun time this year playing shows and releasing our EP, and being nominated for two pretty incredible awards is really just quite fantastic!

You can vote for us (if you like) for the SMAC awards here.

We are currently in NYC - spending most of our nights out and not climatising to the difference in time at all. It's 14 hours different from Sydney time, so without really meaning to we've pretty much just kept with our regular body clocks' times to stay awake through the night and sleep... sometimes.

xxx much love

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