Friday, January 28, 2011

Happiness Machines

Sunday, January 23, 2011

keeping it fresh

Long-Haul flights
As you may or may not know but we are all heading back to Australia to do a tour with the beautiful Bear in Heaven and The Antlers.
Both bands are based in Brooklyn, (where we live) however there is something kinda wonderful about flying back to Sydney to play with these guys…
but then there is the flight.
Long-haul flights- I hate them (tanya)
You can never really chose who you’re going to sit next to, I always pick a window seat as I am a fearful flyer and need to see outside. (go figure)
The food you know is always bad for you, you could chose the ‘healthy’ option but then what’s the point, it’s dry cereal with milk, which probably contains mainly cupboard and being a kiwi I need something more hearty.
The food generally makes me feel sick, I drink to much red wine and take to much Xanax which makes me wake up forgetting where I am, fumble my way to the toilet, eyes puffy and drunk, all the while breathing in someone elses infection.
Maybe that’s what the awfully named song ‘catch my disease’ means by Ben Lee.
Anyway I was trying to figure out the best way to NOT get sick on long-haul flights - outside of going japanese and wearing a mask, which lets face it is probably the most logical and healthiest thing to do.
If anyone has any ideas post them - or ways to make these flights less monotonous… share away.
Anyway will post another little ditty today - in NZ.
This place is amazing.
Here is my sheep - Bob.

x Tanya

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Did everyone have a Happy New Year?!!!

I thought i'd write some things down that really made our 2010 - another year, truly it's just our calendar that defines our years for us, we have Aloysius Lilius to thank for that ... interesting little thing is time.

Anyway ......

we found Derren Brown this year, I spent many hours watching him on youtube thinking he was really a clairvoyant pretending to be an illusionist, appears I got it completely the wrong way.

Also discovered Snuggies, so good, maybe they are only in America but in winter .... amazing - havn't got one yet but we plan on getting matching colours!

We all started living together this year as well that has been pretty fun, we've got a studio at home so we've been writing pretty much everyday - working on album 2 - Album 1 coming out this year!

Also new music we've discovered being here :

Twin Shadow
Prince Rama
Bear in Heaven
The Antlers
A new appreciation for Moondog

I also found Skip James, a bit slow on the up take i know but woah, how amazingly beautiful is this man ... so incredible.

I've never experienced snow before unless going snowboarding in NZ ... however the snow is absolutely amazing here as are the blizzards .... so surreal - until of course the snow turns black - that's not so much fun, but whilst white it's pretty fantastic.

So much more obviously in 2010 more to come, I kinda have a really short attention span so am going to go watch some more Derren Brown and enrol in an Illusionist course... fascinating!!!

we will post some more little tunes up on tumblr as well oh and a music video coming too!

ah love, see you all in 2011!!!


all our love
Sherlock's Daughter