Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Did everyone have a Happy New Year?!!!

I thought i'd write some things down that really made our 2010 - another year, truly it's just our calendar that defines our years for us, we have Aloysius Lilius to thank for that ... interesting little thing is time.

Anyway ......

we found Derren Brown this year, I spent many hours watching him on youtube thinking he was really a clairvoyant pretending to be an illusionist, appears I got it completely the wrong way.

Also discovered Snuggies, so good, maybe they are only in America but in winter .... amazing - havn't got one yet but we plan on getting matching colours!

We all started living together this year as well that has been pretty fun, we've got a studio at home so we've been writing pretty much everyday - working on album 2 - Album 1 coming out this year!

Also new music we've discovered being here :

Twin Shadow
Prince Rama
Bear in Heaven
The Antlers
A new appreciation for Moondog

I also found Skip James, a bit slow on the up take i know but woah, how amazingly beautiful is this man ... so incredible.

I've never experienced snow before unless going snowboarding in NZ ... however the snow is absolutely amazing here as are the blizzards .... so surreal - until of course the snow turns black - that's not so much fun, but whilst white it's pretty fantastic.

So much more obviously in 2010 more to come, I kinda have a really short attention span so am going to go watch some more Derren Brown and enrol in an Illusionist course... fascinating!!!

we will post some more little tunes up on tumblr as well oh and a music video coming too!

ah love, see you all in 2011!!!


all our love
Sherlock's Daughter

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