Friday, January 29, 2010


I've just been watching Communion.
Has anyone seen it?

For those of you that are unfamiliar it's a story about Whitely Strieber and his encounter with Alien Abduction.

(Larry King has to be the worst interviewer in the world)

It's a true story, based on his truth of course, so that's always subjective.

However, the story is compelling, he doesn't believe himself that he's been abducted and believes that he is having some sort of mental breakdown, or has a certain type of epilepsy, which can cause one to have hallucinations.
He does get tested for this and the results come back negative for the epileptic condition that can cause such grand hallucinations.

His character in the movie is played by my favorite Actor Christopher Walken :

who is absolutely divine, he allows you to indulge into the possibility that this could be true in the most realistic grounded way possible.
We are talking about Alien Abduction after all.
There are of course many accounts of this strange 'phenomenon,' whether based on humans in heightened stress, A.D.D, grand illusions of being 'special', mental illness or mere boredom with every day life there is something intriguing within this and something strangely real about it.

Also if you've ever spoken to someone that has been abducted by Aliens they have a very interesting and strong story - which comes with a conviction that you find hard to ignore - even though every part of your 'earth bound intuition' is yelling at you that they are crazy.

Perhaps Alien Abduction is actually human scientists testing humans in a way that they know they can get away with, after all we love fantasy, we love believing in things that seem larger than us ... God for example - whether this being is true or not - we have created this energy, we truly are incredible beings and our possibilities are endless, as I'm sure are the Aliens....

This blog really has no other point than to share with you my day reading about Alien Abduction.
Do you have any stories?
I think I've seen a UFO.

Alien Abduction, makes for an interesting read on google, watch COMMUNION if you get a chance, if nothing more than to see Christopher Walken at his best - man that man is insane.

I hope to meet him.
Meeting an Alien, I'm not so sure, but then again, sometimes I think I"m in a band with 4 beings from another planet - so maybe they truly are among us.


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