Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello beauty.

And so it begins.

We found out a couple of months ago that we got accepted into SXSW - this is pretty exciting, for those that don't know SXSW, it's a massive music conference in Texas, where you go and play and watch other bands play,  drink and enjoy the Texan Sky...

So we are looking forward to that, there is actually a Party that they have in Texas I think in May/June...

It's called the 'TEXAS STAR PARTY'

If you ever get the chance you should go.
I plan on going  (this is tanya) at some stage - sounds absolutely amazing.

Also something else i wanted to share with you was  new youtube 'thing' 
I hope I can introduce someone to this as its hilarious and I"m normally always the last person to find things like this ... much like 'Kittens by Kittens'
Is Youtube strange .. are we all strange?


Also : 
visit our Myspace as we have a lot of gigs coming up supporting Jonathan Boulet - whom we love ....

Also : 
If you're going to the BIG DAY OUT on Saturday we are on at 11am ... come find us and lets have fun xxxxxx

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