Friday, March 26, 2010

sherlock's daughter in New York

Hey all!!!

we have landed safe and sound in the city that never sleeps.
SXSW was amazing.
It felt like the whole time you were being rubbed down by 5 massive dudes with sand paper that dipped you in lemon juice and made you say the alphabet backwards, if you failed they tickled you till you passed out.
Here are a few links for you (we all forgot our cameras.... yep losers) 

The shows were great, however the first show we did was absolutely freezing, the first cold day since we'd been there.

They have this absolutely amazing building that's shaped like an owl - woah.
The second show was inside and was very cool.
We played after Middle East who were fantastic - amazing.
We definitely fell in love with a lot of bands.
here are a few :
There was also another amazing band from Denmark but their name escapes me so when i remember it I'll re-post.
There are two types of food in Austin.
Mexican & BBQ.
I never experienced BBQ as my only addiction is mexican - however that's honestly all you can eat.

So for 6 days all we ate were tacos, nachos, drink margaritas and sipped tequila!
There is some weird youtube footage that was shot of us doing some weird impulsive gig, so if i find that I'll show you that as well!

After those shows we flew to NYC - where we spent at least 2 hours on the tarmack - waiting for a storm to blow over; which it hadn't.
Bumpiest flight I've been on in a while, I swore something was wrong with the plane, I think I embarrassed Tim and ended up getting smashed on Vodka's which the flight attendant was only more than happy for me to drink.
They hated me.
Now we've been in NYC for 3 days and have a wonderful lawyer, a wonderful publicist and are playing some pretty rad shows in April.
Recording our Album in April as well, so looking forward to that.
Hope you are all well where-ever you are!
will post some more things soon - like pretty pictures and a video blog from our newly acquired home in Bushwick.
much love
Tanya and boys
We lost quite a few things on the journey - a box of Cd's, Williams snare, my glock sticks, so if anyone finds them ... give us a bell!

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