Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm sick in bed - it's Tanya.

I have a sore throat, and I'm bored, I always seem to get those bloody sore throats.
I've been reading on line about neurological disorders, just for fun and i've found a couple that sound so annoying ... here's one :

Obviously not life threatening, but seriously, touching, the wind, brushing your teeth - all that can result in those symptoms ouch.

I've also managed to familiarize myself with  Sleep Paralysis over the last few nights, that's been absolutely terrifying and strangely intriguing at the same time.
Not sure if you know what that is but it's when you wake up before the brain has actually woken up, it's a weird state to be in and feels like a daemon is about to attack and for a while I believe that's what they thought was happening as for the most part you hear voices talking - not just standard conversation but voices on speed, talking at you, and you hear noises and see shadows, all whilst trying to wake yourself up from what can only be described as Endemons lullaby.


And then there's Lucid dreaming, fascinating - does anyone lucid dream quite a lot, i'd be intrigued to hear stories, it's quite amazing, im particularly interested in sleep scientist theories behind Lucid Dreaming : 
( I have no idea if there are sleep scientists, but if there were I'd want to be one)

Anyway that's me for today.
I'm now going to drink ginger tea, nettie pot the heck out of my nose and find something else to freak out about online.

good luck out there!!!
see you at our next gig.

Tanya x 

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