Thursday, June 3, 2010

watermusic studios - album

Sorry it's been a while since we've updated on our blog.
We have had two weeks off which has been just lovely, however now we are back to finishing our album and find ourselves in New Jersey for the next 10 days doing final takes and then mixing.
Pretty exciting.
Watermusic Studio :

It's  a pretty  amazing studio, Neve desk, but go to their website  - , they also have a Optigan : Jonti sits in a booth all day and just plays it ....

 You can stay here, which is awesome as it means getting home from late nights isn't nearly as much as a hassle when your bed is in the next room!
There is a also a supermarket that stays open till 12am - and a bottle store - so it's perfect.
Attached are a few random photos from the studio - but we are definitely looking forward to the next path of finishing our album.

We have a gig coming up @ Mercury Lounge supporting the beautiful girls from Warpaint - 14th June - so come along - buy tickets before hand though as it will be sold out soon
they are pretty phenomenal!!

So until we see you next time  - here is a little youtube post.

Much Love

Sherlocks Daughter

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