Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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If your one of the many people picking up the 'Time Out Sydney' magazine this week. look out for this rather incandescent featurette! incandescent indeed...

Jonti Animal


Sherlocks Daughter
Dont Call them Daughter...actually no, you totally can. Sorry. That was unnecessary.

Are they one person or many?

Sherlocks Daughter can mean many things. Sometimes it means Tanya Horo, lovely Sydney-based singer and guitarist, and other times it means Tanya and her band, William on drums and , Liam on bass, Jonti on sampler, nintendo, keys and guitar and Graeme on guitar, keys and backup vocals.

Where does the name come from?

According to Tanya, "We all have a fondness for Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, so I asked the guys how they felt about being called Sherlock's Sons but it didnt quite work. Im not sure if Sherlock Holmes actually had any children."

And how did they get started?

Jonti tells us that, "Initially it was a space program between 5 clairvoyant aliens who fell to earth in order to develop sources of energy with that we could deliver our planets few survivors back over here. though, it turned out to be too much work so we decided to start a band instead.

Wow, creative. What else are they channelling energy into?

The band has just finished working on their Debut EP, with a release in the wings for later this year. Tanya is also one half of the electronic group Soma for Kinder, with Jono Ma from the Lost Valentinos. Apart from that, their MySpace blog contains postings on poet John Donne, photographs of the Dolomites and video clips of Cindy Lauper. We'd say their tastes are as expansive as their talent.

What about their sound?

Beautiful soundscapes meet nostalgic vocal melodies that remind us of lying down in the park with the sun on our face. Call us romantic, but Tanya's voice and the clever use of electronic instrumental backing makes us want to smile. Tanya tells us that, " a traveling bard once said that 'Sherlock's Daughter is like playing computer games in Fern Gully'"

I still dont get it. Who would you compare them to?

There's a definite early 1960s folk influence, in both the vocal styling and the melodies. There's even the teensiest bit of something mid-1990s but perhaps only because of the feedback. In fact, Sherlocks Daughter are difficult to compare because their sound is refreshingly modern and very, very original.

Alright, where can i hear them?

Their track 'In The End' is up at www.timeout.com/sydney right now, and Sherlock's Daughter play at the all-star My Filthy Riot festival at the Annandale Hotel on Sat 25 Oct.

Millie Stein

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